When is the Best Time to Swim at Manhattan Beach?

Manhattan Beach, located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, is a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze. With just over 2 miles of sandy beach, there's room for swimming, running, surfing, playing beach volleyball, or just relaxing in the sun. There are separate jogging and cycling routes along the beach. Lifeguards are stationed on the beach during the day.

A 900-foot long pier, located at the end of Manhattan Beach Blvd, divides the area. Fishing is allowed all year round at the dock. Other activities include swimming and surfing. Overall, the water quality in Manhattan Beach is very good.

Sometimes, after heavy rain, storm drains can carry undesirable pollutants into the ocean. A lot of people avoid swimming at that time. You can check water quality at Los Angeles County Public Health Beach Advisories. Do you want to swim in the sea at Manhattan Beach in California? But when is the best time to go and make sure you have nice waters to swim in Manhattan Beach and be able to swim without catching a cold? This month or a different one? The answer is on this page, with the sea water temperature per month in Manhattan Beach, based on average temperatures recorded in previous years.

The beach itself is pretty much the same as Manhattan Beach, with a wide expanse of sand, waves friendly for swimming and surfing, and volleyball nets galore. Pool Location and Directions Begg Pool 1402 North Peck Avenue Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (3) 802-5428 or (3) 802-5448. Downtown Manhattan Beach stretches along Manhattan Beach Boulevard, near the pier, with several shops, restaurants and bars and affordable parking.

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