What County is Manhattan Beach, CA in?

Manhattan Beach is located in Los Angeles County, and is full of attractions and activities for all ages. Whether visiting the downtown area, exploring the strand, visiting Polliwog Park, or playing a game of beach volleyball, visitors to Manhattan Beach won't be bored. The strand offers spectacular views of the coastline and is perfect for running, biking or simply walking along. Polliwog Park features a lake and numerous recreational facilities, including an amphitheater, picnic area and playgrounds. There are plenty of restaurants and boutiques to explore in downtown Manhattan Beach, along with live music and art galleries to take in. Further recreation can be found at Valmonte Park, El Porto, and the Manhattan Municipal Beach.


Manhattan Beach is renowned for its thriving and diverse economy. The city’s economy is largely fueled by tourism, retail, and professional services industries. From the small, local boutiques of downtown to the major corporate organizations just south of the city, Manhattan beach draws in residents and visitors alike to take part in the city’s economic growth. Moreover, the local airport provides numerous job opportunities through transportation, hospitality, and travel related businesses.


Manhattan Beach is accessible from numerous other cities by air, land and sea. The local airport serves domestic flights and is located just west of Polliwog Park. The 405 Freeway runs along the eastern edge of the city, making car access easy. Buses, trains and subway lines all provide access to Manhattan Beach from other cities in the Los Angeles area, making the city highly accessible. The airport is also connected to nearby LAX International Airport by shuttle.


The city of Manhattan Beach was founded in 1912 by Charles B. Hopkins. The city was named after the famous Manhattan beach in New York City. During World War II, the city welcomed large numbers of troops, who would later become residents in the area. In the 1950’s, development of the city began, with several large developments being built. Development of the town continued over the years and Manhattan Beach has since become one of the most desirable cities in California to live in.


Parking is plentiful with over 450 public parking spaces available. In the late 1920s, Hawaiian developers purchased excess sand from Manhattan Beach and negotiated an agreement with Kuhn Brothers Construction Company to ship the sand across the Pacific Ocean from Manhattan Beach through the Port of Los Angeles to Waikiki Beach over a ten-year period.

Media and News

Manhattan Beach residents have access to a variety of media outlets including Easy Reader-Manhattan Beach, Beach Magazine, Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Times and Beach Reporter. Street parking and ADA parking are available and the city can be accessed via Commuter Express 438 stop Manhattan Ave 10th St; Beach Cities Transit 109 stop Manhattan Ave.

Shopping and Services

Manhattan beach also has many shopping and services including carpet cleaning, nail salons, ice cream shops and restaurants. It's a world class destination for shopping and fun activities. Manhattan Beach, CA is a wonderful city with plenty of attractions, shopping, and services to offer. From popular department stores to small boutique shops, and from surf shops to independent eateries, the city of Manhattan Beach has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun day of shopping or just want to grab a snack, Manhattan Beach has plenty of options. Carpet cleaning, nail salons, ice cream shops, and restaurants fill the streets, giving visitors a unique experience every time they visit.


In addition to the shopping and services, Manhattan Beach is also home to some amazing beaches and outdoor attractions. With the sun shining brightly and the sounds of the ocean in the distance, it’s the perfect spot for a day at the beach. Whether it’s relaxing on the sand, surfing the waves, or taking a walk along the famous Strand, Manhattan Beach can provide fun outdoors activities for the whole family.

Manhattan Beach is a great place to explore. From shopping and entertainment to outdoor adventures, Manhattan Beach has something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy all the city has to offer, from its wonderful shopping and services to its stunning beaches and outdoor attractions. With its diverse offerings, Manhattan Beach will provide memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

The Manhattan Beach Pier

The iconic symbol of Manhattan Beach is its 928-foot long Manhattan Beach pier, one of California's many public docks. The area was part of the Wiseburn School District until 1913 when the Manhattan Beach school district was formed. Private schools located in Manhattan Beach include American Martyrs Catholic School (of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles), Manhattan Academy, Montessori School of Manhattan Beach and Journey of Faith Christian School.

The area runs along Manhattan Beach Boulevard and the streets perpendicular to Manhattan Beach Pier and Valley Drive. The Manhattan Beach Country Club, Westdrift Manhattan Beach Hotel and Golf Course, retail stores, carpet cleaning services like Naturally Green Cleaning, restaurants, supermarkets, multi-story office buildings and shopping malls line the Rosecrans corridor between Sepulveda and Aviation Boulevards.


Manhattan Beach benefits from sea breezes that provide clean air and summer temperatures that are 10 to 20 °F (5.6 to 11.1 °C) cooler than in the inland regions of Southern California.

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