Is Manhattan Beach a Good Neighborhood to Live In?

Manhattan Beach is a great place to call home. It has a lot of great features that make it an ideal location for families, professionals, and travelers alike. The city is incredibly safe, with low crime rates and many lifelong residents. The food is excellent and the people are friendly.

However, one of the drawbacks of living in Manhattan Beach is the lack of affordability and diversity. The map below shows the areas that are considered to be the best places to live in Manhattan Beach and the surrounding area. Areas such as Hermosa Beach, CA and Del Aire, CA are also included. The upper areas are in violet and green, while the least desirable areas are in red. Manhattan Beach is one of the best beach cities to live in. Manhattan Beach has beautiful beaches and a convenient location that make it a favorite among many families, including film professionals, professional athletes, and travelers from the tech and financial industry who must travel frequently for work.

The center of Manhattan Beach stretches along Manhattan Beach Boulevard and is mainly composed of commercial developments, providing easy access to the most frequented locations. While these areas tend to have lower crime rates and a higher quality of life, this map focuses on the best areas by average home value in Manhattan Beach, CA. Surrounded by the beach, with a charming center and an almost perfect climate, homes in Manhattan Beach are some of the most sought after in South Bay. Located on East Manhattan Beach, the Manhattan Heights and Liberty Village areas are known for their relatively flat terrain and homes built between the 1950s and 60s. While its neighbors such as Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach function as beach towns, Manhattan Beach is more of a beach town where travelers from the financial and tech industries mingle with retirees and families.

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