Is Manhattan Beach Safe for Swimming?

Manhattan Beach is a 900-foot long pier located at the end of Manhattan Beach Blvd, and it is a great spot for fishing, swimming, and surfing. The north end of the beach, known as El Porto, is a popular surf spot where you can even take lessons. The beach itself is pretty much the same as Manhattan Beach, with a wide expanse of sand, waves friendly for swimming and surfing, and volleyball nets galore. A notice was issued regarding the use of ocean water for waters near the Manhattan Beach pier, health officials announced Friday night.

Downtown Manhattan Beach stretches along Manhattan Beach Boulevard, near the pier, with several shops, restaurants and bars and affordable parking. Parking and street parking are available, as well as ADA parking. It is also accessible via Commuter Express 438 stop Manhattan Ave & 10th St; Beach Cities Transit 109 stop Manhattan Ave.

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